Telehealth and Advanced CT Imaging Combined Study (TACTICS) is a stepped wedge trial designed to test advanced imaging and telehealth in regional centres. It is a nested, individual level, randomised controlled trial to assist in making CT perfusion decisions for stroke thrombolysis.

The International Stroke Perfusion Imaging Registry (INSPIRE) has been established to provided a web-based database of imaging and clinical stroke data. The TACTICS project is using this application to manage upload and access of stroke imaging and clinical data to the TACTICS database.

The overall ownership of the database belongs to the University of Newcastle Stroke Research Program (UNSRP). Dr. Andrew Bivard is the coordinator for this Project and is responsible for the daily management of the TACTICS database. Andrew can be contacted by email

The TACTICS website and database is hosted by Apollo Medical Imaging Technology Pty Ltd on behalf of UNSRP and the Steering Committee. For technical support, please contact +61 3 9995 6190 or email
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